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Neuman’s Kitchen Catering Welcomes New Executive Chef Robb Garceau
Neumans Kitchen Executive Chef Robb GarceauRobb Garceau — formerly of Jean-Georges, Union Square Events and Great Performances — has joined their team.   Neuman’s Kitchen, the high end catering company with the artichoke logo, is poised to raise its profile through what founder Paul Neuman calls its third incarnation. The company was born as a retail store in 1981 and transitioned into catering fifteen years later. It eventually moved to Chrystie Street, and three years ago it rebranded once more with a recommitment to sustainability. Neuman is punctuating this third phase by hiring a high profile executive chef: he’s just signed Robb Garceau, formerly of Jean-Georges, Union Square Events and Great Performances.   “What Robb represents to us is sort of a superstar talent joining us to confirm who we are and the efforts we’ve made in the last three years to get ready for this next growth phase,” Neuman says.  “We’re planning to move to a rather dramatically large space, and, if all goes well, the smallest carbon footprint catering kitchen in the USA.”   Click here to read the full article.
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