Chocolate Crackle Cookies Recipe!

Chocolate Crackle Cookies! A decadent chocolate cookie perfect for Santa!
Also, ever wonder why we leave milk and cookies for Santa? We have a couple theories…




The History of Santa’s Cookies and Milk! 

In America, the first signs of the tradition started in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, where many parents tried to teach their children that it was important to show gratitude for the gifts they were lucky enough to receive on Christmas. However, the most popular theory comes from the story of St. Nicholas stemming from the 3rd century (The Saint who is most often associated with Christmas). The Dutch would hold a grand feast in his honor on December 6. However, the children unable to stay up for the celebration would leave out treats for Saint Nick who had traveled a great distance to be there. Upon rising the children had discovered that their kindness had been exchanged for presents in the night. As the Protestant Reformation took hold of Europe, the feast honoring jolly Ol’ St. Nicholas was delayed until Christmas, and the practice of leaving treats soon became the custom of leaving cookies for Santa Claus.




Chocolate Crackle Cookies Recipe- Yields 2 dozen cookies

4oz of butter
.25oz of salt
15oz of sugar
4 eggs
.3oz of vanilla
9.5oz of all purpose flour
3.25oz of cocoa powder
.3oz of baking powder






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