New Website

It is with great pride and excitement that we unveil the re-branded Neuman’s Kitchen website.

Why change? Because Neuman’s Kitchen has evolved considerably since our founding in 1981, when we opened our doors with the knife, fork and spoon logo, which served us well for the past 32 years.

For over 100 years a Neuman has prepared and served food in New York. This website is the latest update on our family tradition.

Today, our new name and brand reflect the organization we have become and continue to refine each and every day. Adding ‘Kitchen’ to our name reminds us that we are food-focused – everything starts and ends with our commitment to what we create in our kitchens.

The joy of our business is that we start each day handling the freshest, most beautiful ingredients and then have the privilege of transforming them into deliciously inspired cuisine designed to emotionally connect with your guests.

The top hat represents our attention-to-detail in providing old-fashioned, bespoke services to our clients. The artichoke symbolizes our passion for earthy, rustic yet sophisticated foods. And, just like us, the artichoke has a heart.

So, welcome to the new website. Great things await. Keep your eye on our website for a constant stream of recipes, event ideas, new venues and old-fashioned common sense.

Great things lie ahead.

We want to thank you for your help in developing Neuman’s Kitchen into the vibrant, exciting organization it is today and we look forward to continuing to serve you.


Paul Neuman

President and Chief Creative Officer

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