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Orange Creamsicle Bon Bons Recipe

Step into spring with Neuman’s Kitchens Orange Creamsicle Bon Bons! Perfect for hosting large parties or even making and freezing for later.

Yields: 100 servings


  1. 1lb Dulcey Chocolate
  2. 1lb White Chocolate
  3. 16oz Heavy Cream- Scalded
  4. 1 per each pc Orange Zest
  5. 1lb 8oz Orange Curd
  6. 2lb White Pate Glace- Melted
  7. 1 per ea pc White Cocoa Butter Spray
  8. 100 ea Micro Mint
  9. Silicone Cube Molds

Taking you behind the scenes in the @neumanskitchen pastry station ????? stay tuned in for the recipe for our #bonbons next week!

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