Taylor Mac’s ‘A 24-Decade History of Popular Music’ with Neuman’s Kitchen


Taylor Mac along with Pomegranate Arts presented ‘A 24-Decade History of Popular Music’ at the versatile St. Anne’s Warehouse this past Saturday!  Neuman’s Kitchen was thrilled to be providing the three thematic meals tied to the performance over the course of this epic 24-hour long event. We even got to be part of the show with Neuman’s staff working as a team along side 12 “Dandy Minions” – Talyor’s theatrical performers who created their own buzz through the audience. 


The show ran from 12:00 pm on Saturday October 8th all the way through 12:00 pm on Sunday, October 9th for a sold out audience of 650 guests! As the New York Times puts it “Taylor Mac’s 24-Hour Concert Was One of the Great Experiences of My Life”. The show was based on the history of popular music and activism in America from the onset in 1776 to present day. While this project has been in the works since 2012, it was the first time Taylor Mac performed the complete 24-decade history in its entirety…and boy was it amazing.


DINNER MENU- Reconstruction & The Gilded Age


Black Eyed Peas & Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Molasses Vinegar

Spinach and Celery Leave Salad, Buttermilk Dressing

Pickled Turnips and Cherry Tomatoes

Corn Bread, Sugar Nutmeg Butter

MIDNIGHT MENU- Harlem Renaissance

SOUP: 3:00 AM –3:30 AM

Dried Pea Soup with pull-apart hearth bread

BREAKFAST MENU- The 1960’s to 1980’s


Egg “McMuffin”

Plain Yogurt

Bag of 1970’s Granola


Cup of Coffee

‘You and your team were truly a pleasure to work with and it was really beautifully executed.  Sarah – thank you for your incredible guidance and vision through the historic food moments in the show and for bringing Nueman’s into our world.  Without a kitchen at St. Ann’s and lots of rain, it was simply amazing to experience how pro you all are.  So many things could have gone wrong during this 24-hour moment, but they did not!  So many things went right – I think because of the sheet beauty of the project and magnitude of Taylor’s vision.  I can’t believe the food distribution went as well as it did.  You could not have asked for better collaborators and we achieved taking great care of the audience with wonderful food.  Thank you for your ebb and flow attitude and grace through the live performance changes…….much fun was had by all and the audience truly appreciated the care.  Even the New York Times critics were tweeting about it and taking photos of our little cards.’

– Testimonial from Romegranate Arts

More photos below~


In this part of the performance, Taylor wears our dinner menu as his costume!


Everyone helps out! Cast, Crew and Audience all serve dinner together!


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