“What I Do That Other People Don’t”…..

Art is a conversation.  Actually, more like a series of overlapping conversations between artist & audience, ideas & identity, beliefs & doubt.  But it always begins with that very first conversation: between the artist and the material itself.  From that perspective, going to an art exhibit is very much about viewing a collection of conversations, each piece signifying the fundamental relationship between this artist and that material.


‘why i never learned to fly fish’ is an upcoming exhibit which reveals a forty year conversation between a single artist and the multitude of materials, both found and discarded, which he has forged into an optimistic statement of past resonating into present. The featured artist happens to be our very own Paul Neuman, President and Co-Founder of Neuman’s Kitchen.  The somewhat enigmatic title of the show is a reference to his private life’s avocation.  While other men may take up hobbies such as golf or fishing; instead, Paul has been forming a collection of materials – some found at flea markets or yard sales and others discarded as roadside trash – which he then reconstructs into a variety of mediums.  Letting each material dictate its own story, Paul has created an expansive range of work, varying from two dimensional wall pieces to three dimensional sculptures as well as standalone design concepts such as bowls, lamps, and tables.  As the artist incisively stated himself, this show represents “what I do that other people don’t.”


Paul wishes to pay special tribute to his stepdaughter, Elana Brynes, whom he feels is uniquely responsible for this show due to her unwavering support and irreplaceable guidance. 

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‘why i never learned to fly fish’ will be showing at The World Monument Fund Gallery, which is located within The Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan at 15 East 27th Street.  Opening night reception will be held on Wednesday April 23rd, from 5 – 8 pm.  To RSVP or view a full catalogue of his work, please visit Paul’s website: paulneumanartist






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