Inspired by Nature. Inspired by Art. We Are Deliciously Inspired

Neuman’s Kitchen was first founded in 1996 under the name Neuman & Bogdonoff focusing exclusively on catering. In 2003 the company was rebranded to Neumans and then in 2013 to Neuman’s Kitchen.

Over the years, Neuman’s Kitchen has earned the reputation as a premier special event and corporate caterer in both New York City and Philadelphia.

Innovation and inspiration have been the cornerstones of our vision. Finely crafted menus, unforgettable event designs, attention to detail and a commitment to being a responsible business partner have resulted in building a strong client portfolio based on referrals.

Neuman's Kitchen has been featured in Martha Stewart, New York Times, Eater, Party Slate and more.

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Neuman’s Kitchen is based on seven core values:


Collaboration is at the center of everything we do. We are one company with one goal - to work together to be great for every client, large and small, every day.


We are always honest with ourselves, co-workers and clients. Tell the truth, even when it isn’t easy and as soon as you know it.


Trust is at the core of our success. We always keep our promises even when they are difficult or expensive.


Good enough just never is. We are our toughest critics and always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Balancing creativity and consistency we relentlessly push ourselves to be better.


Maintaining a sense of humor is serious business. Happy people help support happy clients. Let’s smile and laugh together and with our clients to achieve great results.


Clients, employees, guests and vendors all deserve equal measures of respect. Every team member counts. There are no small jobs.


We work with our hands, heads and hearts. Our passion enables us to create magical guest experiences and to love our work.

Our Leadership Team

Chief Inspiration Officer Paul Neuman

VP Business Development Jan DeMarzo

VP, Communications Bridget Bray