Recipe: Plant Based Asian BBQ Short Ribs

Plant Based Asian BBQ Short Ribs

Imagine spare ribs that taste so good, guests will be hard pressed to believe they are plant based.  This latest addition to the Neuman’s Kitchen event menu, created by Executive Sous Chef James Rodebaugh is a must try and a perfect addition for a backyard BBQ vibe. The following recipe yields 8 to 10 pieces.…

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Shrub Recipe and History From Neuman’s Kitchen

Take a trip back in time with Drinking Vinegars, A.K.A. Shrubs Syrups. The concept of drinking vinegars date back to Colonial America and it’s original use included purifying unsuitable drinking water and a way to naturally boost one’s general health. You might have heard of bitters, which acts in a similar ways, yet has its…

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Conversation Heart Macarons: Love at First Bite

The most romantic holiday of the year is deserving of meaningful conversation… hearts, that is. Celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day with our conversation heart macaroons filled with chocolate ganache and bacon salted caramel. A fair warning from Pastry Chef Alycia Delaney, you may fall in love at first bite. Xoxo, Neuman’s Kitchen Vanilla Macarons From…

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