Vegan Food is Here for Good

Vegan food is here for good – literally and figuratively.

It is not a fad, a dietary aberration or a trendy moment – it is a movement. It is a growing segment of the market and will continue to demand the attention of chefs, restaurateurs, food service operators and anyone involved in the food supply chain.

The global vegan market value is expected to hit USD $24.3 billion by 2026* as more plant based options are selected. According to Google trends vegan interest has increased seven fold from 2014 to 2019 – with no sign of slowing.

The world is shifting its thinking about vegan menus from an obligation to an opportunity. Recognizing that the world needs to develop more sustainable forms of protein to reduce our dependence on livestock, meatless burgers have entered the mainstream garnering praise for their flavor, texture and sustainability. The number of non-dairy milk options now includes soy, almond, oats, peas and rice.

Plant based menus present an opportunity to be more inclusive – as they transcend religious, allergen and ethical considerations. A vegan focus is no longer about what is missing, rather the opportunity lies in creating dishes and experiences with high flavor profiles, innovative presentations – and moments of “I can’t believe this is vegan” and ‘ I don’t miss animal proteins’

In the workplace companies are looking to respect the tastes and preferences of a growing number of their employees, just as social and special events hosts have a growing appreciation of the diversity of their guest’s tastes. More and more catered menus are designed with creative and delicious plant based ingredients.

At Neuman’s Kitchen, a New York City and Philadelphia caterer, the culinary vision and artistry is led by VP of Culinary, Tyler Lyne.  As a Certified Executive Chef of the American Culinary Federation, a past contestant on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and with a portfolio of experience that extends across highly regarded fine dining establishments, his orchestrated style has inspired a new series of creations, inclusive of vegan dishes.

“What I enjoy most are designing menus that delight – that amaze –  that inspire” shares Chef Lyne. “For it is never about viewing the selection of ingredients as a limitation, rather it is an opportunity.  The opportunity to create unforgettable, high impact tasting experiences.”

* Source: Acumen Research and Consulting

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