Connect. Create. Capture: The Event Planner Expo


With an expected attendance of 2,500 corporate and independent event planners, the EMRG Event Planner Expo, hosted on October 7th is the ultimate opportunity to connect with industry professionals. More than 125 exhibitors will graciously introduce new event technology, must-see venues and innovative food trends, while ionic speakers like Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Colin Cowie and Neuman’s Kitchen’s Chief Inspirational Officer, Paul Neuman, take the stage.

What can you expect?

A room full of talented individuals who are hungry to learn the most sought-after tricks to the event trade. Neuman’s Kitchen will be serving up new hors d’oeuvres like Mini Falafel Burgers on Black Ash Buns and Salmon Maki Cigar Rolls with Yuzu Mayo, but what reigns equally supreme will be Paul’s presentation on the recipe for success. In case you can’t attend, here are a few of Paul’s tips on how to make an impact on your company, clients and this crazy city we all can’t get enough of:

  • Create a culture of excellence. Culture drives collaboration, which means greater employee productivity. Culture creates fun. Fun drives innovation. Innovation drives client satisfaction. This is a positive feedback loop.
  • Interview for values. Find out what makes someone tick. Do they have the right DNA for the organization? We can teach almost anything except values. Those are inherent. Build the best team and you will win. Be part of the best team and you will grow and prosper personally and professionally.
  • Make the work about something other than money. We trust each other so we can work closely without conflict. We take care of each other. We make one and other look good. We know that the light of the reflected spotlight is more powerful than the light shone directly on us.
  • Ideas are the gold standard. Try something new. One of the mantras of modern business is that culture trumps strategy – Purpose, value, and approach beat a well-crafted strategy every time. A team of highly motivated, driven individuals will surpass a team of highly trained, but non-collaborative people every time.
  • It is OK to make mistakes in the interest of the client. Be human – apologize and move on. You are a leader, that doesn’t mean equate to perfection.
  • Say thanks. A lot. You can never say thank you enough.

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