Basima & Adam

Rich in tradition, customs and symbolism, an Indian wedding ceremony is typically a magnificently choreographed undertaking and these were the things that Basima and her husband, Adam, thought about as they planned for their May 2013 wedding. The Prince George Ballroom, was an easy and unified decision for the couple who knew they would need a venue which accommodated a large guest capacity of 250 people, give their guests a major wow factor and mostly importantly was a vibrant, elegant and luxurious feeling space to host the elaborate traditions of Indian wedding ceremonies. Although the venue selection was a no-brainer for the decisive lawyer pair, picking a menu would pose a few more challenging decisions and adjustments.

When Basima, our bride, first reached out to us, the first thing she mentioned was the need to have an Indian buffet to please her family (many who came from India for the celebration) but not to alienate the palette of her husband-to-be’s side of the family who as true Midwestern farmers should be, ‘love their meat and potatoes.’ Working with the ever gracious Darbar Indian Restaurant, we were able to seamlessly intertwine the two cuisines. The cocktail hour consisted of an Indian sampling of stationary hors d’oeuvres such as vegetable samosas and chicken tikka paired with three traditionally known American passed selections: Cheeseburger Sirloin Sliders, Mini Lobster Rolls and Truffled Orzo and Cheese Croquettes. The dinner buffet, mostly Indian foods prepared by Darbar restaurant was served by our Neuman’s Kitchen wait staff, who were all attentive, professional and courteous to guests as they explained the dishes, giving relief to those who had no idea what Goat Biryani or Bhindi Masala was.

Between beautiful toasts by both sides of the family and traditional photos set forth on the customary Indian inspired stage set-up, guests spent the remainder of the evening dancing, laughing and enjoying the grand finale of our mixed culture dessert buffet consisting of chocolate dipped strawberries, layered cake shots and of course a delicious Indian rice pudding, known as Kheer. It was a truly a magical affair of two completely different backgrounds coming together as one in perfect unison.

“It was such a joy working with the entire Neuman’s Kitchen team for our wedding, thank you so much for all that you did. Throughout the entire process, you were great, so professional, efficient and organized. You relieved a lot of our stress and handled our delicate alcohol situation brilliantly and we just loved how it all turned out.  You made the entire experience a wonderful one.”

–          Basima & Adam

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