Introducing Think Outdoors: Food, Drink and Design Inspirations

Vegetable Crudite
Vegetable Crudite

The nearing summer and warmer weather is an invitation to celebrate the outdoors.  Whether it's to step into the garden,  to walk along the waterfront, or to take in a sunset, the beauty of nature is always enticing.

It is why throughout the month of June, Neuman's Kitchen will present food, drink and design inspirations with the series "Think Outdoors".

Recommended menus, recipes, floral design, tablescapes, event tips and much more will feature across our various channels.  Each week we'll explore different ways to create special occasions, outdoors: for the garden party, the enchanting forest setting, the beachfront, and conjure up summer vibes, and a destination themed experience perfect for a wedding, backyard BBQ or gathering.

Hues of green, orange, yellow.  Bursts of pink, lavender, turquoise.  Plant forward, early harvest.  Grilled, baked, crisped.  Casual and elegant styles.  Playful elements and innovative approaches.  The imagination will run the outdoors.

Think Outdoors.  June 1 to 30.  Presented across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (@neumanskitchen), LinkedIn (@neuman's kitchen), with updates and highlights on our website:

Photo shown above: the new Vegetable Crudite with Mushroom "Gravel".

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