NYC Ballet at Neuman’s Kitchen

Neuman’s Kitchen was deliciously inspired by the New York City Ballet this February. We had the joy of working with this prestigious New York institution in creating a unique menu for this annual event that was attended by over 630 guest.

This year’s exciting program at NYCB explores the role of family, something that Neuman’s Kitchen easily identifies with, with its rich history in the New York Culinary world spanning over 3 generations.

CROSS POLLINATION, a mixed media installation by Santtu Mustonen was presented during this exciting and cutting edge NYCB annual event.

From the artist-
Cross-pollination: in nature, the literal process of transfer- ring pollen, yields the seeds of new life. In art and culture, the process of exchanging and converging ideas, fosters new ways of seeing, being, feeling, thinking. This event was inspired by the choreography, movement, and abstract storytelling of New York City Ballet works, Mustonen creates a series of immersive digital paintings and gestural fine art prints that aim to transport the viewer to another world, inviting us to get lost inside the visuals and find our own way of seeing ourselves through a richly creative ecosystem. To see Mustonen’s work visit

What or clients have to say:

“we’ve heard nothing but amazing feedback! The food looked and tasted amazing, and all your staff was so lovely and helpful.” – New York City Ballet


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