Seven Courses to Happiness…

There are certain lessons which you take to the soul, inspiring you towards achieving their higher level.  Our most valued guiding lesson is best expressed in a quote from Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Our goal is to always be remembered for making each and every guest feel unexpected happiness: that moment of service where a waiter knows what you need before you even thought of it, walking into a room designed to the level of transcendence, and – most importantly – a meal which captures all your senses into an unforgettable moment of bliss.

Earlier this month, our Executive Chef, Julian Alonzo, created a masterful dinner menu that showed how intensely food can touch your soul.  The occasion was a formal celebratory dinner in which seven refined courses were served to about eighty guests.  Several weeks later, and we’re still receiving notes of praise from those in attendance.  The recurring theme: how this meal lingers in its pleasures, still vivid because of its prodigious imagination and execution.


Here’s a glimpse at each of these seven exquisite courses…

1st Course: Salt and Pepper Squid


2nd Course: Poached Belon Oyster (Potage, Fennel Caviar)


3rd Course: Garden Salad (Baby Crudités, Edible Soil Salsify)


4th Course: Hawaiian Jack Fish (Avocado Pearls, Preserved Lemon Sauce, Kombu, Miso Noodles)


5th Course: Diver Sea Scallops (BBQ Pork Belly, Quail Egg, Hearts of Palm)


6th Course: Beef Braised in Cognac (Brussels Sprouts, Onion Glass Black Truffle, Roasted Bone Marrow)


 7th Course: A Chocolate Celebration of 60 (Chocolate Velvet Layers, Caramel & Bittersweet Mousse, Pretzel Brittle and Swirls of Sauces)