The Door Next Door…

What makes living in New York City so great?  That’s an easy one: it’s us, all of us together.

We are a collection of neighbors forming a distinct identity and style to our corner of each Borough. And nobody makes that collective statement better than us New Yorkers.  Just consider how different it feels to be walking around the Upper East Side versus the Meatpacking District, Astoria versus Williamsburg.


Our neighborhood, the Lower East Side, has been our very happy home since 1996, though we originally started out way uptown near Third Ave and 86th Street.  During these past eighteen years, the LES has evolved from a somewhat forgotten part of the city to now being amongst the ‘on trend’ places for dining, music, the arts, and shopping.  One of our favorite neighbors is the Essex Street Market, an uncommon indoor retail market which has been around since the 1930’s.  Constantly evolving with the times, it represents the very essence of our neighborhood: a perfect mélange of old traditions and new flavors.


We were recently a part of ‘An Evening at Essex Market’, an eclectic tasting event and after party celebrating the Market’s 75th Anniversary.  Here are a few sample shots of how we set up shop in our corner of the neighborhood.  Also, check out the Essex Street Market web site for more info about this independent treasure.


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