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“I want to be a pastry chef,” the girl wearing a pink sweatshirt covered in emojis, exclaimed.Exploring Group - Neuman's Kitchen

It was a small statement that made a huge impact on all of us at Neuman’s Kitchen and more importantly, the rest of the children in the room.

For the past 10 years, Neuman’s Kitchen has partnered with the Exploring Program, an initiative developed to provide experiences that help youth mature and identify career interests to pursue as adults.

This year, we were elated when a handful of bright-faced children with a love for the hospitality industry came trickling through our doors. They sat attentively, patiently awaiting to be greeted by the brains behind the brand on their very first day.

“Promptness is essential if you want to be successful,” was more than the opening line to a class, it was a piece of knowledge that would optimistically stay with them forever.

With hopes of inspiring the class to reach their culinary potential, we hosted a series of sessions over the course of one month. Integrated in each class was a cooking skill and a lesson in professionalism. From best business practices to how to present yourself in a professional atmosphere, the students learned the core elements needed for every career.

Their foodie adventure began with a kitchen tour coupled with a Caramel Chocolate Mousse demo, then a Exploring Group - Neuman's Kitchenhands-on ravioli making class where they learned all things pasta, including how to make the dough from scratch and proper cooking techniques using fresh ingredients. Next on the list, a modeling chocolate tutorial inspired by Calder’s Circus film. It was a rather sweet lesson heightened by an anxiously anticipated “when can we apply to work at Neuman’s Kitchen?” conversation.

Traveling from schools all over the city, the High Schoolers were deliciously inspired each week by their culinary encounters with Executive Sous Chefs’, Stacy Pearl and Adam Starowicz. The most amazing bite of this philanthropic dish was being able to make a difference in the lives of these kids.

Cheers to Empowering Our Youth!


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