Neuman’s Kitchen in Pilot for ThinkEco’s Plug Load Energy Management Study

Neuman’s Kitchen was involved in a plug load energy management pilot study organized by ThinkEco from June 2012 through February 2013. Plug loads, the electricity demand from devices plugged into wall sockets, comprise the fastest growing end-use of electricity in the commercial sector.

ThinkEco created the modlet as a plug load energy management platform to address this opportunity
for energy savings. The modlet is a modern outlet, which collects real-time power measurements and implements energy-saving schedules by controlling the power supply through the outlet.

Neuman’s Kitchen was given 16 modlets in our main office for all computer monitors, printers and the office coffee machine. Over a period of 8 months we saw our electric use decrease as we were able to adjust on/off times for specific items, including entering and exiting sleep modes for the printers, and make a positive change in our behavior patterns. Part of the pilot study included a contest where 5 similar companies competed to see who could conserve the most energy over a period of time and correctly answer questions related to the monthly reports. Neuman’s Kitchen came in first place!