5 Musts for Planning Your Holiday Party | ‘Deliciously Inspired’ Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and if you’re the host, we’re here to help you plan a festive bash your guests will love. We look at every social gathering as an opportunity to create memories full of food, friends and fun. Here are five planning tips that will make your pre-party process just as enjoyable as purchasing an ugly sweater.

  1. Send a save the date. If it isn’t too late in the game, we strongly recommend putting your get-together on your guest’s radar at least 5 weeks ahead of time. Everyone knows that the moment the pumpkin-shaped Reese Peanut Butter Cups disappear from your local bodega, the bustle of holiday season has officially commenced. A virtual Save the Date from Smilebox is one of our favorite ways to let friends, co-workers and family know that you can’t wait to see them.
  2. Pick a theme. Ugly sweaters, “unbirthdays” and white elephant gift exchanges, oh my! The best part about planning a holiday party is unlimited theme options. If your creativity tank is on “e,” check out Biz Bash’s holiday suggestions.
  3. Be Realistic. Weigh your budget vs. expectation. What do you want your guests to walk away remembering? Do you want them to be mystified by the amazing décor? Will the hot chocolate bar and the DIY cookie decorating station be the star of your holiday show? Are the festive games and billowing laughs of your guests going to leave an impression? Focus your budget around what you love to do – plan, cater, and entertain – and your guests will love it too.
  4. Pick the right venue. Fear not, picking a venue is simple. If you’re hosting a corporate party, the ideal venue of choice is your office. Why?
    1. It automatically alleviates a venue fee, which means more money to spend on delicious offerings and décor that will transform your working environment into a winter wonderland.
    2. Higher attendance. Your co-workers aren’t going to get stuck in Midtown traffic if they’re commuting from their desk to the dance floor.
    3. It’s a great way to create a positive association with the workplace. Show your appreciation for another successful year of business, right where the magic happens.
  5. Have an agenda. Make sure the party has a beginning, middle and end. Having a timeline at any celebration is a wonderful thing. It holds you accountable for any interactive activities you may have, like raffles, games and awards. Engagement is key to any gathering.

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