Guide to Planning Your Next Corporate Event

Successful corporate events require precise planning, meticulous organization and an action plan complete with contingencies and alternatives. Experienced planners find that anticipating the unexpected and finding experienced partners  guarantees a successful event.

Event Venues


The first questions we ask our planner partners is, ’What message do you want to convey to your guests. What do you want your guests to say as they leave your event?’ Clarifying the message helps us focus on what we need to accomplish together.

Before booking a single vendor, planners must know what type of event they envision and how they want to their resources, financial and logistical, to be deployed.

Budgeting and Vendor Selection

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Once the planner has a clear vision for the event they must identify vendors who understand that vision and can help them bring it to life. Like an orchestra playing a symphony, venue managers, musicians, production professionals, caterers and florists must all work harmoniously under the direction of the conductor – the event planner. Compare projected costs to budget and see what might make the best fit.

Select vendors who understand your vision and have experience producing the kinds and scale of event you require. If you are struggling to communicate with a vendor early in the planning process it is probably an indication that you should seek an alternative service provider.

If the budget doesn’t fit the event, either increase the budget or scale back the event. People rarely think you didn’t spend enough money; they will think the event wasn’t well thought out or well executed.

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Day-Of Details

The day of the event, gather all of the event partners together to run through last minute preparations, contingencies, emergencies, etc. Do a run through of the event to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Nothing can be left to chance.

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