Top Themes For A 2014 Weddings

We see two quite different trends happening with wedding planning – some are getting larger and more extravagant as brides are opting for Hollywood glamour while others are going back to the basics – using barns and rustic settings to frame their farm-to-table nuptials.

2014 promises to have spectacular, over-the-top weddings where brides to come up with new and unique ideas to personalize their big day. Some of the top ideas include:

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Ombre Round Wedding Cakes Suspended From the Ceiling

Nothing speaks more about how classy and stylish your wedding is than a tiered cake suspended from the ceiling by pearl ropes as the base is covered by large flowers. This chandelier-type theme revamps the traditional cake table and makes it unique in a way to make your guests say, “Wow!”

Yet the cake table itself isn’t the only thing getting a makeover. Square cakes are making way as traditional round tiered cakes are making a comback. These round gems are getting an “ombre” or shadow look with the bottom tier in a light color and then the colors gradually darkening up to the top tier.

Ice Centerpieces Personalized To Your Heart’s Content

We aren’t talking about the traditional ice sculptures of two swans kissing to form a heart. Ice centerpieces now incorporate flowers, butterflies and just about anything that can be encased inside an ice block. Topped with a lighted candle and surrounded by glass crystals at the base, these centerpieces bring a sense of drama to the wedding reception that flower centerpieces alone don’t achieve.

Show off the Bling with More than One Ring

The single ring and stone are going the way of the bell bottomed pants. Today, stacked engagement rings are the hottest trend for high-profile weddings as multiple stone encrusted rings are worn together to make a statement. And just look at how much more the ring sparkles during your wedding vows.

Hand-Drawn Wedding Invitations

If you can envision it an artist can draw it. For your high-end wedding forget about going to your engraver for your wedding invitations. In 2014, brides designing luxury weddings are hiring artists to customize their wedding invitations. One-of-a-kind invitations with hand-drawn graphics or drawings are not just a way of letting your guests know to expect the unexpected, they are instant artworks that will keep the memory of your wedding alive long after the last piece of cake is devoured.

Get me to the Barn on Time

More and more weddings are happening in rustic settings – barns, farms, backyards and fields. The charm of a wedding in a rustic barn with hand hewn beams, farm tables and candlelight is unforgettable. For people who are looking to reconnect with their agrarian roots, nothing says farm-to-table like a barn wedding.

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