The 2014 Lowline Anti-Gala Benefit Dinner Time-Lapse Video

The 2014 Lowline Anti-Gala Benefit Dinner | The Lowline is a project set to build the first subterranean park and community space filled with natural light and tress in NYC. This was the 3rd consecutive year that Neuman’s Kitchen has been fully involved and we are very much anticipating the opening in 2018!

What is an “Anti-Gala?” It’s an effort to show that traditions and norms can be broken; that events can be both inspiring and impactful; and that we will build a park– and a community– in new, inclusive, creative ways.


The Lowline is a plan to use innovative solar technology to illuminate a historic trolley terminal on the Lowe East Side of New York City. The vision is for a stunning underground park, providing a beautiful respite and a cultural attraction in one of the world’s most dense, exciting urban environments. Check out the hyperlapse video below on the 2014 event, and feel free to browse the Lowline website for more information on this incredible first-of-it’s kind project:



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