Meet T-Boye Doe.

Kitchen Crew

T-Boye & The Neuman’s Kitchen Crew

“Once you’re HOPE, you’re HOPE for life.”

A statement that sounds more like a promise – especially when it’s coming from the mouth of Jennifer Mitchell, Executive Director of HOPE.

In case you didn’t know, The HOPE Program has been leading New Yorker’s facing adversity to self-sufficiency through employment and advancement for more than 30 years.

A little over a month ago, a 32-year-old Brooklyn man dressed in determination walked through our doors in search of a new beginning. All of us at Neuman’s Kitchen have quickly grown to call him family, but others may know him as T-Boye Doe; a Delivery Driver Assistant, independent film-maker and recent graduate of The HOPE program.

T-Boye discovered Neuman’s Kitchen after completing one of HOPE’s five-week initiatives called FOODworks, a program designed to train clients for job readiness in the thriving food industry. Prior to graduating, T-Boye dedicated his weekdays to a mock work environment, learning the critical skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Elvis & TBoye

Elvis Estevez (left), T-Boye Doe (right)

“Before I got involved with HOPE, I felt lost,” T-Boye shared. “I wasn’t working, I wasn’t making income… Now I feel great. I believe the whole program gave me a new lease on life and a second chance to support my family. On my first day of work I could tell that everyone knew I wasn’t just there to do a job, I was there to be the best version of myself.”

Today, you can find T-Boye in our packaging room, preparing deliveries to safely make their way into the stomachs of highly-valued customers all over the city. On an average morning, he’s greeted by the chartreuse company awning and the smiles of Neuman’s Kitchen staff before the sun comes up. From there, he checks in with his supervisor and runs through a mental check list:

  • Table ware.
  • Appropriate containers.
  • Correct address.
  • Driver’s schedule.
  • Are we on time?

“T-Boye is charming, detail-oriented and always exceeds client expectation,” said Elvis Estevez, Director of Operations at Neuman’s Kitchen. “He’s the perfect example of where man-kind and customer service unite.”

In addition to the company’s alliance with HOPE, Paul Neuman, President and Chief Creativity Officer of Neuman’s Kitchen, also serves as the organization’s Board Chairman. Our investment in their mission continues to grow as we welcome the opportunity to be the second chance for individuals like T-Boye.

One thing is for certain, at Neuman’s Kitchen we never lose HOPE.

How You Can Help

The Hope Program is actively recruiting employers to hire graduates. Why should you consider becoming a program partner?

  • HOPE candidates are well-trained using a curriculum developed in partnership with employers. They have the skills you need!
  • HOPE has known our candidates for a minimum of 8 weeks before referring them for a position.
  • HOPE candidates hold industry certifications such as Food Handlers and OSHA.
  • They take the time to learn your business so they can provide personalized candidate matching
  • Employers can provide internships to HOPE students.
  • HOPE’s job retention rates are among the strongest in the industry, helping your company reduce turnover costs.

Contact Kelly at  or visit to learn more.

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