Fall in Love This Fall | Fall Weddings | What You Need to Know

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Fall is full of delicious autumn recipes, gorgeous seasonal flowers and plenty of venue options, making it a great time to have a wedding. The following are five food trends that can be incorporated into your fall wedding.

1. Harvest Hors d’oeuvres

Nuts and fall fruits make excellent accents and appetizers. Pair fall foods with delicious sauces and dips to make the ordinary taste extraordinary. Biscuits made with butternut squash and topped with cranberries, figs or dried blueberries will provide your guests with incredible seasonal flavors. Find local goat, sheep and cow’s milk cheeses to add additional pop to the menu. Cooler weather is perfect time for spicier foods. Chili and a touch of cayenne are great additions to spice up your appetizers for fall weddings.

2. Metallic Iced Wedding Cakes

Variations of gold, bronze, and other metallic colors make for stunning fall wedding cakes. These colors and cakes go well with either country or city weddings, depending on the color of the metallic finish. Brides can go all out with airy dust and glitter to make their cakes even more glamorous.

3. Farm to Table Foods

Local foods are here to stay. Not only is local good for the environment and the economy, they also taste as good as anything from far away. Think appetizers with apples and pears, pumpkin spiced drinks, Hudson Valley cheeses udson Valland hearty breads, soups and stews. If local is important to you ask your caterer what they can do for you. Some caterers may not use local all the time but can access it for your wedding

4. Food as Art

Pumpkins, cabbages, grapes, figs, gourds, apples, pears and artichokes can be incorporated into artistic, seasonal, centerpieces. Pumpkins and gourds can be carved and candles placed within to create a beautiful fall ambience. At the end of your wedding centerpieces can be donated to a soup kitchen so virtually nothing goes to waste.

5. Food as Wedding Favors

Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are delicious, healthy snacks enjoyed by all. When arranged in decorative glass jars and topped off with a pretty ribbon these snacks make great wedding favors.

Fall-flavored marshmallows, home-made macaroons, whoopee pies or individual apple pieces also make great take home treats. Candy or caramel apples are easy to make and can be enjoyed by your departing guests.

Find an old family recipe and send your guests home with a taste of your family history.

‘Deliciously Inspired’ menus with these latest food trends will make your fall wedding an incredible experience. The best catering services NYC has to offer will be able to provide variations of all these fantastic fall trends to suit the needs of every upcoming wedding.

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