The Anatomy of a Flawless Summer Gathering

What’s better than good friends and great food? We’re at a loss for words. Amp up your next get together with our guide to the perfect party:

  1. Invite your friends individually by phone or in person. The votes are in – and it’s unanimous – the day of the group text, is over. If you’re feeling ambitious, handwritten invitations are the quintessential way to excite your guests.
  2. Location, location, location. An environment has the power to dictate the mood of any event. Whether you choose to picnic in Central Park or catch up on a foreign roof top, your location of choice will help create a memorable experience for your guests. Make sure to select a thoughtful, central venue that will leave your guests in post-party awe.
  3. Plan games to keep things interesting. You’d be surprised how many people anticipate and appreciate a summer-day meal with a side of friendly competition. You can’t go wrong with comical games like “Would You Rather.”
  4. Create a playlist ahead of time. Streaming music is always a viable option when it comes to parties, but a playlist made up of hand-selected sing along songs is gold. All it takes is one bad tune to throw off an epic dance party.
  5. Choose the right caterer. Treasure a day spent with friends and family by taking a step back from the grill. Neuman’s Kitchen is here to provide a seamless culinary experience for you and your guests. From passed hors d’oeuvres to a plated dinner complete with staff to alleviate your dining duties, we promise you’ll be Deliciously Inspired.


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