The Road to Sustainable Riches

We recently re-evaluated our buying practices to better reflect our beliefs- sustainability, bio diversity, and limiting our carbon footprint. What did we discover?

Well, we quickly realized that building relationships with local farmers and suppliers is a gratifying experience. It makes us proud to partner with people whose environmental concerns are embraced every day in their fields and farms. Everything tasting better and being better for you is just an added bonus.

sustainability Neuman's Kitchen

One of our new suppliers is Clawhammer Farm which is located in Lisle, NY, at the northern tip of Broome County. It’s a farm that focuses on humanly raised heritage pigs. They graze their pigs, which are heritage crosses (mostly Berkshire/Old Spot/Large Black/Tamworth) on rotational pastures and feed them corn, oats, and soy, along with anything else they find on their own. The farm believes so strongly in the power of knowing where your food comes from that they sponsor a “Slaughter Your Own Pig Day.” Guests are invited to come to explore the farm with the opportunity to (you guessed it!) slaughter their own pig. No secrets here. Using such high quality sliced ham makes our sandwich selection even more delicious!

sustainability Neuman's Kitchen

Happy Valley Meats is another ranch we work with. They collaborate with a number of farms we love such as Rising Spring Meats, Wolfe Farm, Thistle Creek Farm, Bickle Farm, Valley Wide Farm, Modzel Family farm, Tanis Farm, Jubilee Hilltop Ranch, Espy Farm and Shook Farm. They’re small family farms who provide pasture, raise whole animals, and then break them down into cuts at their centralized facility. This allows for convenient, responsible resourcing, AKA every chef’s dream. These farms choose to hold themselves to a standard higher than “organic.” Now you know who to credit for our famous roast beef sandwiches…

sustainability Neuman's Kitchen

Cooking and baking with single-source farmed eggs from Sullivan County Farms has been a whole new adventure. Brey’s Egg Farm produces eggs that are hormone free, but the real nugget here is that it’s the only farm on the east coast that mills its own feed – pretty cool, right? They do this to ensure a beyond organic quality level, with no questions asked. Having access to farm fresh eggs greatly enhances the value and flavor of our daily baked goods and breakfast items.

sustainability Neuman's Kitchen

And then there are the unbelievably beautiful micro greens we receive from Sid Wainer Farms. Getting their deliveries is like being gifted nature in a biodegradable box. Not only do the nasturtium leaves and pea shoots have amazing color and flavor, they arrive still growing and undisturbed. All of their micro greens add a pinch of elegance to anything they touch.

In the end does this cost us more money? Sometimes it does, but we believe the quality speaks for itself. Being part of the sustainable farm movement, buying as locally as possible, and supporting the farmers feels really great. Combined with our sustainable kitchen practices of composting and recycling, Neuman’s Kitchen is positioning itself to be at the forefront of responsible catering companies.

Cheers to great food contributing to a better tomorrow!

Written by Executive Sous Chef, Stacy Pearl

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